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General Questions

How do you pronounce "PRODIGIOUS"?

It’s a snap! Just say: "Pruh" then "dij" and, finally "uhs" (Pruh-dij-uhs)

PRODIGIOUS: marvelous, wonderful, remarkably or impressively great 

A Mission Worth Pursuing

Sourcing the best ingredients from across the world to produce world-class products with an environmental mindset while helping to improve the livelihoods of others.

Who do I contact if I'm having technical difficulties with the website?

If you are having difficulty placing an order online, or experiencing other problems with the website, email

What happens if one of the products is out of stock?

If a product is out of stock on the day your order is placed, you will receive an email letting you know that the order could not be placed. We will continue trying to place your order every day. After 15 days, if the product is still unavailable, you will receive another email to let you know when to expect your order.

What type of payment method is accepted?

We accept all major debit and credit cards listed below from customers in every country. Unfortunately, at this time, we do not accept PayPal.



How do I track my order?

When your order is shipped, we will send you an email to confirm your shipment. This email will include a tracking number and link to enable you to track your package.

How do I change or cancel my order?

We do not normally accept order cancellations or changes once an order has been processed. If you have a question about your order, please contact us at with your order number. 

If your products are faulty or not as described, you have a right to cancel your order for that month and get the products replaced, or receive a full refund for that month of your membership plan (if you notify us within the cancellation period). If you have chosen a trial plan, the same applies. The cancellation period starts from the date of the e-mail from us to you confirming your order, and ends seven (7) days after the day you actually receive the product. Replacements are subject to availability.

You will also be provided with a refund for any reasonable standard shipping charges you may incur by returning the faulty products to us (you may be required to provide proof of those costs).

We reserve the right to reject refund requests which relate to goods that have been damaged by customers while being used (and, in the case of skincare products, where those products have been used at all) or not correctly cared for.

If you are entitled to and request a refund, we will process this as soon as possible after receiving the returned faulty product.


Some products may be available for purchase on the site, but not currently in stock. This means that we make them fresh at the time of purchase, or haven’t had a chance to restock and update just yet. If you see on the website (or have been sent in an email) “available on backorder” on any product, we’ll start a new batch as soon as your order is received, and update you on when you will receive your product.

Can I cancel my Annual  Membership?

Yes, you may cancel your annual membership, but only if you have fulfilled the term for that agreement. To read more about this, please visit our terms and conditions page here.

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Product Specific

Product Questions

Does Prodigious offer product samples of the Body Butter?

Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to offer and ship samples due to the volume of requests that we receive on regular orders. However, current members will have the opportunity to receive samples of NEW products before they are available to everyone else!

What if my Body Butter looks grainy or melts?

Prodigious Body Butter is made up of a blend of natural oils and butter. These products of nature are vulnerable to heat. When oils and butter are heated they can melt and be runny. As they cool back down the body butter will solidify once again. If it cools down too slowly it could appear grainy. We assure you though that it is still safe and effective to use.  If you prefer the smooth whipped texture, you may place the melted body butter in the refrigerator for a few minutes and after it solidifies whip it using a whipper or cosmetic spatula. If it appears grainy, simply re-heat and then place in the refrigerator and after it solidifies whip it using a whipper or cosmetic spatula.

Membership Related Questions

Other Questions

How do I become a Member?

Prodigious offers loyal members discounts and perks. If you are interested in becoming a Member fill out this form here: MEMBER FORM

How do I become a Prodigious Advocate?

We are currently working on a program that will offer current members the ability to acquire additional monthly savings by becoming a Prodigious Advocate. If you are interested, please email your interest to us with subject line “Prodigious Advocate.”

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