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Serving Our Purpose

We help to enrich the lives of others through both our products and the creation of job opportunities for those who need them. As our company grows, Prodigious looks forward in providing future jobs and opportunities for  employees and farmers.


No matter how large our manufacturing operations grow, we promise our members that every batch will continue to be handmade with care and love. 

Meeting the Highest Standards

Our manufacturing room has been set up following procedures that adhere to GMP guidelines, ensuring that the room and production equipment are, sanitary, safe, and efficient.


Each batch of our skincare products is handcrafted by a person, not a machine. This means that the hands crafting your products are required to follow strict regulations, making every batch with considerate attention. We use the the best quality ingredients, follow each formulation to exact standards, package each jar by hand, and ship directly to your door.

And you will know the truth,

and the truth will set you free.

Prodigious Skincare — An Ethical Step Above the Rest​

Prodigious stands against misleading brands and products. Now, more than ever, the demand for authentic and safe products is being heard loud and clear. Consumers are constantly trying new products in hopes of improving their overall skin health while being constantly misled, misinformed, or taken advantage of by deceptive promises or false claims. Confusion in the marketplace is an epidemic and the main reason why skin health is often overlooked. 

Cheap Skincare Comes at an Irreversible Cost

In a world where beauty is idolized, consumers invariably throw away money on inexpensive, low-cost products that actually do more harm than good. New startups, private labels, and existing brands often pay formulators to create products within a specific price range as opposed to anticipating individuals’ long term needs. These brands cut costs by substituting synthetic or low-quality ingredients solely to meet a budget. They might provide affordable products, but often they deliver minimal results leaving millions of consumers purchasing and testing out brand after brand, product after product. Consumers often do not realize the long-term impact this has on their skin and overall health.


Prodigious does not support this epidemic that plagues the beauty and skincare industry. Prodigious advocates for your skin health by sourcing safe, high-quality ingredients and using them to develop skincare formulations that produce world-class products at honest prices.

Spreading Our Mission for the Greater Good

The misunderstanding and lack of knowledge for investing wisely in your skin is a devastating problem for consumers. Prodigious has been born to counteract this, and in an effort to become the #1 trusted brand in natural skincare, together, we will build a community of Prodigious skincare advocates.

A Mission Worth Pursuing

Prodigious sources the best ingredients from across the world  to produce world-class products with an environmental mindset while helping to improve the livelihoods of others.

Invest in your skin. It is going to represent you for a very long time. Linden Tyler

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